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Sports Physicals

Is your teen required to get a “sports physical” or “doctor’s physical release” to participate in an athletic activity or recreational camp?

We’re happy to include that sports examination with your annual well exam, which is covered entirely by most insurance plans. Please check with your insurance payer and COPA prior to scheduling the exam to check on your benefits.


At your teen’s annual well visit your COPA pediatrician provides a thorough physical examination at a time when your teen is going through a big transition. We also address physical changes, discuss social pressures and talk about healthy choices in nutrition and behaviors. We track behavorial and physical milestones and discuss any concerns the teen may be experiencing.

For the “sports physical” we perform a musculoskeletal exam along with other areas most likely to be a potential cause for concern for the athlete. It’s important to see your experienced pediatrician for this ‘sports physical’, and not a school volunteer or sports trainer. Your COPA doctor will review the teen’s entire medical history in context with the planned sport to ensure the child’s fitness.

It’s important to conduct a thorough medical exam with the “sports physical” process to maintain the relationship between your teen and his or her doctor, and to assess the teen’s overall state of health as a preventive measure.

This “sports clearance” exam from COPA is valid for two years in the school athletic programs and it’s required during freshman and junior years. Call today to schedule your child’s well-exam and complete their pre-sport requirements.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the exam as well as the high demand during the summer months, please plan for more time and flexibility when scheduling and try to make your appointment up to two months in advance. It’s best for your convenience to schedule the exam in Spring.

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