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2017/2018 Flu Shots Now Available

By Irene Dudley, RN 

The flu season is here and we’re ready for it.

COPA and the CDC recommend that all children get a flu vaccine. Children under 5 years old and especially under 2 years old are at greatest risk for developing flu related complications like pneumonia, ear infection, sinus infection and death. Children with compromised immune systems and asthma are especially vulnerable and we don’t want these kids getting the flu.

Every year we see too many kids suffer needlessly from the very serious illness we call ‘The Flu’. Parents take off work, children miss valuable school time, and there’s always risk of complications. All of this can be avoided with the flu shot.

We offer a flu vaccine with injection that most people call the flu shot. The flu mist is no longer available in the U.S. The flu vaccine contains an inactivated flu virus that cannot give you the flu. Despite what we hear from parents, there is no mercury in the formula that COPA is administering. Most people with egg allergies can still get the shot, but you need to talk with your pediatrician about this. More information about egg allergies is available at the CDC at this link.

This year’s flu vaccine protects against four different strains as determined most likely to impact the U.S. this year. Even if you contract a strain of virus that is not included in the shot, your symptoms will be far less severe and recovery times quicker due to you receiving the flu vaccine.

In Oregon, local pharmacies will not give the flu vaccine to children under the age of 7. When you’re a COPA patient, your best experience is to get your shot at one of our frequent flu clinics.

At COPA, getting your flu shot is a fast 10 minute visit. Plus, all the kids in the family can get their shots at the same time!

Regarding insurance, most plans cover the shot.

To schedule your appointment at one of our upcoming flu clinics, just call our main line at 541-389-6313. Make the time and help your family stay well and safe. We hope to see you soon!

Click here for most up to date flu Information by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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