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COPA Offers Lactation Support for Breastfeeding Moms

Breastfeeding is the best start for you and your baby. But, it’s also common to have questions, concerns or problems with breastfeeding. If you feel a bit overwhelmed and need some help, you don’t have to do this alone.

Brooke Borgognoni, IBCLC

COPA’s Certified Lactation Consultant, Brooke Borgognoni, IBCLC, is available to help you feel comfortable and successful feeding your newborn. She visits with you, listens to your concerns, evaluates you and your baby, and shows you what to do.


Feel free to contact our Lactation Consultant if you’re experiencing any of these problems.

o You and/or your baby are having a hard time with breastfeeding.
o Your breasts or nipples hurt, you have an infection.
o Your baby is not gaining weight very well.
o You are worried about how your baby acts during or after feeding.
o You are worried that you might have too much or too little milk.
o Your baby is refusing the breast, or refusing the bottle with breast milk.
o Your doctor or your baby’s doctor sends you for help.


At your appointment, your Lactation Consultant will evaluate you and baby to help find solutions to the problems. She may use any of these tools to assist you:

o Watch your baby breastfeed and offer help with positioning and technique, if needed.
o Show you how to tell when your baby is latched and feeding well.
o Put a finger in your baby’s mouth to check your baby’s suck and mouth structures.
o Weigh your baby before and after breastfeeding.
o Help you with breast pumping.
o Offer written instructions and support numbers to call when you need help.

Prepare for Your Consultation
Dress comfortably and come as you are – pajamas and all, If you have questions about your bottles, nipple shields or pump please bring them in. Our lactation room has nursing pillows available for use. Bring your feeding or diaper diary if you have it. Mostly, just be yourself and let us help you and your baby.

To schedule your lactation support appointment, call 541-383-6313. Lactation appointments are at COPA’s Northwest Crossing Location and about 60 minutes long.

Brooke Borgognoni, IBCLC
Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Brooke examines an infant’s mouth structure.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
Registered Lactation Consultant
University of California – San Diego
Portland Community College

Brooke is a lactation consultant with what she describes as an incredibly fulfilling career. She has been fortunate enough to work with families in the hospital, home visits, and Central Oregon’s largest and most referred to pediatric practice. Brooke is known for helping mothers create a plan to achieve their breastfeeding goals (which looks different for every family!). She enjoys providing lactation care from pregnancy through weaning.

Brooke grew up in Southern Oregon and moved from the Willamette Valley to Bend in 2014. She is incredibly grateful to live and work in this lively community and believe it or not – she misses the rain! With two children at home she enjoys the Northwest’s finest coffee, family trips, hiking, and exploring new corners of Oregon.

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