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We Welcome All Children


COPA parents know they’re providing the best when they choose the Pediatric Center of Excellence.

We’re the practice most recommended for kids because we’ve got the most experience with the best team of pediatricians and pediatric-trained nurses, physician assistants, patient advocates, child behavioral health consultants, lactation consultants, and visiting pediatric specialists. The entire team, from medical care to patient support, is working together for one purpose: the health and well being of your child.


We have 4 convenient locations in Bend and Redmond, and our east Bend location is open 7 days a week with extended hours. COPA patients also have access to our 24/7 Pediatric Nurse Advice Line, with access to your medical chart when you call. To us, “regular business hours” means we’re always here for you.

Whether you’re having a baby, looking for primary care for your child, or getting a sports physical for your teen, we have 21 pediatric providers for you to choose. We encourage you to explore all that COPA has to offer.


We’ve cared for kids for 45 years and we’re now seeing the grandbabies of some of COPA’s first babies at the practice! Moms who were COPAKids are now bringing their kids in for the same exceptional care they received. 

When it comes to choosing a doctor for your child, it’s the quality of care that counts. COPA is renowned for its exceptional care and 5-Star medical home status.


It’s easy to change your doctor and come to COPA – just give us a call and talk to our friendly team. We’ll help connect you with the doctor of your choice and set your first appointment.

COPA welcomes all children and all forms of insurance, as well as Oregon Health Plan. When you call, we’ll talk about your children, ask about your preferences for location and doctors, and set up your appointment. If you’re expecting a child, our newborn advocate can give you a tour of COPA and meet you at the hospital to schedule your first appointments. We look forward to meeting you!

To save time at your first vist, you may download and complete the forms below before you arrive. Please take a moment to review COPA policies and billing information.

Welcome New Patients  (required)

Consent by Proxy Authorization Form [Only a parent or guardian can accompany the child under 14 to a well visit or vaccinations. An authorized person may bring the child in for a sick visit, but the Consent by Proxy form must be on file consenting authorization for the accompanying adult for the child to be seen.]

En Español:

Beinvenido a COPA

Formulario de autorización de consentimiento

If you need to transfer medical records FROM another provider TO COPA, please use the forms below.

Transfer Medical Records TO COPA 

Autorizacion Para Solicitar Registros Medicos De Fuera

We frequently get questions asking whether COPA accepts the Oregon Health Plan as a form of insurance coverage. Of course we do.


DOES COPA TAKE MY OREGON HEALTH PLAN COVERAGE AS AN ACCEPTED FORM OF INSURANCE? Absolutely. We’re happy to work with OHP and file for all your benefits, which include regularly scheduled well-exams and a sports physical for teens. When you have questions about coverage, our billing team will be happy to provide the answers.

CAN I SWITCH TO COPA IF I’VE BEEN ASSIGNED ANOTHER DOCTOR BY OHP? Of course. We can help you with that. Just give us a call and we’ll simply set up your account with COPA and alert OHP that you’ve made this decision. Our team will walk you through the process and schedule your first appointment. Count on us to help you with a smooth transition.

HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR OREGON HEALTH PLAN? Visit this website for all your answers about Oregon Health Plan. http://healthcare.oregon.gov/Pages/index.aspx  You may also ask COPA for assistance with enrolling in OHP. You can find your enrollment forms on our Patient Info pages.

COPA offers pediatricians in Bend and Redmond, Oregon

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