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NOTICE: Electronic Patient Portal Access – Age 15 and Over

COPA offers an electronic patient portal, which is a secure communication pathway between our patients and their primary care provider.

For patients under the age of 15, the COPA portal allows the parent to make appointments, update their child’s medical history, request medical records and prescription refills, message their primary care provider, and make payments.

At the age of 15 by Oregon State law, adolescents become active participants in their own medical decisions. For that reason COPA is not offering electronic portal accounts to any patient age 15 and over due to our requirement to guarantee the privacy of an adolescent’s health information.

​COPA continues to be able to provide the patient with his or her medical records upon written request. If you have questions about this policy, or your adolescent child’s privacy under the law, please feel free to contact COPA at 541-389-6313.


COPA welcomes new patients and families to our practice and we look forward to meeting with you. Whether you have a newborn or child of any age, just give us a call at 541-389-6313 to set up your appointment


COPA offers same-day appointments for our regular patients who are sick. However, we’re not a walk-in clinic​. If your child is ill, please call first thing in the morning as the same-day slots can fill up fast and we ask you to be patient as we work to fit your child in.


We ask that our patients arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment. This allows us the best opportunity to see all patients at the correct time. There are many parents expecting appointments at their scheduled times. If you arrive late, we may ask that you reschedule for another date. We appreciate your understanding.

Our patients are our top priority and the providers make every effort to see you at your appointment time. We give every child our undivided attention and respond accordingly to seriously ill patients. Occasionally, emergencies may cause a doctor to be delayed or called away from the office. As well, a patient that is more seriously ill than expected may require more attention at their appointment. And if your child is in this type of situation, the physicians are committed to attend to him or her. That is one of the many benefits of being a COPA patient!  If these things happen, we may run late for your appointment and thank you for your patience. Your child’s health is our chief concern.


We encourage all patients to keep their appointment whenever possible. COPA works hard to schedule appointments at the parent’s convenience and we have many calls each day to add children who are unexpectedly sick. We realize that your schedule may change and we are flexible to assist you when you give us a 24-hour notice for cancellations.

COPA will charge a “no show” fee if your appointment is not canceled with 24-hour notice: $20 for a same day sick appt; $30 for a well child check; $40 for an ADHD Behavioral Health appointment. Unfortunately,a pattern of “no shows” may result in your family being discharged from our practice.


To save time and expedite your visit, we encourage you to download and complete the correct forms before you arrive.


COPA works with all families to ensure correct billing and insurance payments are posted as soon as possible. Check our billing policies on this site for detailed information.

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