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Why Should You Choose COPA?

19 experienced pediatric providers; open seven days a week; extended hours; 24/7 Nurse Advice Line ... seeing more children than any other clinic in the region.

100% Pediatrics. 100% of the time.

JohnPeoples-toddler.jpgChoosing a doctor for your child is an important decision, and after 40 years in practice, parents trust COPA’s pediatricians to understand the medical and developmental needs of their child.

All COPA Pediatricians are Board Certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics and many have additional certifications in specialties such as infectious diseases and oncology. What’s more, our pediatricians stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare studies and make it their business to be experts in their field.

As the largest pediatric practice in Oregon, outside the children’s hospitals in Portland, COPA is uniquely positioned as the expert provider group for your child. We work with visiting pediatric specialists who offer expertise for children with special medical needs.

We also coordinate care for our patients who require advanced treatments with pediatric hospitals in Portland, such as RandallChildren’s at Legacy Emanuel and Doernbecher Children’s at OHSU.

What Does This Mean For You?

When your child is a patient at COPA, we’ve got them covered. Our pediatricians have specialized, advanced training in the care of newborns, toddlers, children and teens. They recognize that children are not small adults. They are constantly growing, developing and changing, and that requires specialized medical knowledge from doctors who've seen thousands of children.

We know what's typical in physical and developmental behavior. We know when to be concerned and when to say, "Nope, there's no problem at all."

24-Hour Nurse Advice Line: Call 541-389-6313

Moms have questions about their newborn. Dads worry about a child’s high fever. And when your child isn’t feeling well, you want to know what’s wrong right away. That’s where our experienced pediatric nurses come in. They’re available for COPA patients (day or night) to help assess the situation, offer advice for a home remedy, and sometimes refer you to the emergency room or ask that you come in for an exam. Expert nurse advice is only a phone call away.

We’re there for you when you need us most. That’s why area OB/GYN doctors refer more new moms to COPA than any other provider in the region.

Quick Facts

  • 19 pediatric providers
  • Open seven days a week, including holidays
  • Same-day appointments, 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Pediatricians on-site for after-hours care
  • Interpreter Services Available

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