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Nurse Advice: School's Out - Keep up good eating habits!

Nurse Advice: School's Out - Keep up good eating habits! Now that school is out, kids have less structure; do more traveling, perhaps go to camps with less rigid nutritional standards than schools. That apparently can make diets fall apart a bit. In an effort to ensure proper diet- here are a few tips you may want to try. Central Oregon enjoys a vast assortment of fresh raw fruits and vegetables and many can be easily prepared or just eaten in the hand. Fruit smoothies with protein powder, yogurt, banana, nut butters, flaxseed, orange juice is a good way to get a lot of nutrition in one fast drink and start their happy day. Cold salads of fresh fruits or greens, bright colored vegetables and delicious dressing can round out a picnic in the back yard. Many markets carry protein bars that are power packed with flavor and nutrition and easy to put into the back pack or gym bag next to a crunchy apple, the trail mix and dried fruits. Remember that raw nuts are the most nutritious and you only need a handful to get a lot of protein. Most children love the yellow and red vegetables and enjoy a varied selection of finger foods. Most important is you have fun with it all and enjoy a wonderful summer.

Nurse Denise RN,COPA advice nurse.

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