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Dr. John Chunn announces plans to "mostly retire"

Dr. John Chunn announces plans to "mostly retire"

baby.jpgHello Patients and Parents:

For almost 37 years I have been privileged to practice pediatric medicine at Central Oregon Pediatric Associates. I am now looking at entering the next phase of my life, which could be referred to as “mostly retired”.

Beginning July 1st, I hope to embark on a program of full time biking, skiing, running, hiking, climbing, kayaking, paddle boarding and anything else I can think of outdoors. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to say traveling and home projects, too.

Professionally, I plan to work at COPA a few weeks every year, especially during the winter and early spring when the need is high. I will serve in a medical advisory role for COPA, continue to consult on pediatric infectious disease patients in the hospital, and look at doing more third world medicine. But, the rest of my time will be spent pursuing leisure activities as I can, while most of my joints are still mostly functioning.

There are simply no adequate words that express the joys and treasured memories I have accumulated over the last few decades caring for your children.  This opportunity to render medical care and child rearing guidance has been hugely gratifying. I cannot help but to look at the people of various ages in our community and feel I left a contribution, hopefully a positive one!

I am honored that you have entrusted your pediatric care to me, and am truly thankful.

C. John Chunn, MD


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