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Excellent Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  At COPA we work with families to help their children develop good life habits.

As doctors we know you want your ​children to eat the foods they need to grow, develop and do their best.  That's why we have provided you with a selection of recipes that you will find quick and easy for everyone to enjoy.



 Breakfast Muffin RP.pngPumpkin Bites RP.png

Pumpkin Soup RP.pngOvernight Oatmeal RP.png

Pumpkin Bread RP.pngBanana Bread RP.png

Sausage & Kale Tart RP.pngYogurt with Quinoa RP.png

Pot Kale & Quinoa RP.pngBeans & Greens Soup RP.png

Spinach Pizzetta RP.pngLentil Soup RP.png

Banana Cream RP.png  


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