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COPA's Parenting-Plus Video Channel

Helpful videos for positive parenting in typical and common behavioral situations

Pediatricians have deep experience caring for kids from all types of families and they specialize in the behavior and development of children. These videos serve as the gold standard of “how-to” in most behavioral situations and demonstrate common parenting concerns, such as how to deal with temper tantrums, how to help kids tolerate frustration, or how to use positive reinforcement.

Behavioral Concerns - For many children, these tips may significantly help the problem, but others may need a higher level of care. If you feel your child is demonstrating behaviors not typical of a child his/her age and would like to speak with a Behavioral Health Consultant, please talk to your child’s pediatrician about this referral.

More information on Behavioral Concerns.

Paying Attention - Kids love attention! Sometimes they learn that bad behavior is a good way to get attention. This video shows how to use your attention to discourage bad behavior and increase those behaviors you really like. Download Helpful Guide to Paying Attention

Giving Great Instructions - All kids struggle to follow instruction sometimes. Parents might think kids are disobeying on purpose, but actually kids are confused about what they are supposed to do. This video shows how to give great instructions that make it easiest for your child to understand what you want. Download Helpful Guide to Giving Great Instructions

Tools for Time-Out - Sometimes kids do things that are unsafe, harmful, or hurtful. This includes bad behavior like being aggressive (such as kicking, hitting, pinching), darting/running off, breaking things, and regularly not listening to adults. When done right, Time-Out can be a very good way to help kids learn that these types of behaviors are not okay and to do them less and less over time. Download Helpful Guide for Tools for Timeout

Rewards for Success - Rewards are one common way to improve child behavior. Rewards are a great tool, but also have the potential to spiral out of control and not work well. The tips in this video will help you use rewards in a way that is manageable and effective for most kids. Download Helpful Guide for Giving Rewards

Supercharging Playtime - Having fun together is an important part of the parent-child relationship. These days can be hard to find 1-on-1 time with your child, so we want that time to be as powerful as possible. The tips in this video can help you take full advantage of the special time you have with your child. Download Helpful Guide for Supercharing Playtime

The Power of Praise - One of the best ways to help kids improve their behavior is by praising the things they do well. This video provides some tips on certain ways to use your praise that will make it the best it can be. Download Helpful Guide on the Power of Praise

Figuring Out Frustration - All kids get frustrated, angry, or upset sometimes. Because frustration is such a common part of life, we want children to learn skills for handling difficult situations on their own. This video shows some tips that will help most children learn better ways to handle difficult emotions. Download a Helpful Guide on Figuring Out Frustration


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