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Parenting Center

Check out COPA's new Parenting-Plus Video Channel for great tips on ways to cope with your child's behavioral challenges from toddler to teen.

COPA welcomes new patients and families to our practice, whether you have a newborn or child of any age. Just give us a call and schedule your appointment at 541-389-6313. We encourage you to prepare for your visit by checking this link where you will find new patient forms, medical record transfer forms, policies, insurance information and more. If you're new to the area, click here to learn why COPA is the region's premiere provider of health care for children.

Well Child Visits

We encourage COPA patients to follow our recommended schedule of check-ups to ensure the child is seen by their primary doctor during times when he or she is not sick. Your child's doctor will monitor growth progress and development as well as discuss any issues related to health, nutrition and lifestyle that may be a concern.

Vaccination Information

Please check this link for more information about COPA's recommended schedule for vaccinations. Staying on top of your child's schedule will offer their best protection against dangerous infectious diseases that can lead to complications and, in some cases, cause life threatening illnesses.

Parent Resources

Check out additional information and links regarding age-appropriate care, behavioral concerns, nutrition and other informative resources that will help you make good health care decisions on behalf of your child.

Parenting-Plus Video Channel with Great Tips for Helping Your Child's Behavioral Development

Comprehensive List of Parent Information by the AAP

What to Expect - Pregnancy and Parenting

Web Resources

American Academy of Pediatrics

Centers for Disease Control





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