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Vaccines for Infants

COPA doctors respect the desire of parents to learn more about immunizations for their young children. We know it's hard to see a child get poked with needles. We also recognize the great success these vaccinations have had on reducing childhood disease and death, compared with just a few decades ago.

Without these immunizations, each child and the community at large is at great risk of contracting a serious illness. We adhere to the highest quality of medical standards, follow the recommended vaccination schedules accepted by the American Academy of Pediatrics and encourage our parents to adhere to these schedules. Our ultimate goal is the health of your child and preventing serious illness.

We welcome this conversation with you, as a loving parent who wants to provide the best care for your child. Please feel free to discuss your concerns with your child's pediatrician.

You're also welcome to read a recent article on whooping cough, written by one of our original partners and infectious disease specialist, Dr. John Chunn.

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