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  • Katie Woods, MBBS, MRCP, MD - Pediatric Endocrinology | 503-418-5710

    Katie Woods

    Dr. Woods’ research interests lie in the area of growth, particularly the physiology and the molecular pathology of the growth hormone (GH)- insulin-like growth factor -I (IGF-I) axis. Dr Woods has characterized several pathologic mutations in the genes involved the regulation of the GH-IGF axis, and described phenotype-genotype associations in GH receptor deficiency. Dr. Woods was instrumental in the identification and characterization of the first human case of a mutation in the IGF-1 gene in man, which provided important insights into IGF-I functioning in the human in both pre-and postnatal life. She is currently pursuing genetic studies in subjects with IGF deficient short stature, and is involved in clinical trials of recombinant IGF-I therapy in human subjects. She is affiliated with Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU)

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